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It’s a DIY thing... debunking music biz middlemen since 2002. Info about the industry and web for independent musicians—and what I think, as if that matters.

Adele blitzkrieg

AdeleAs we watch the inevitable impact of 25 with its hit singles, videos and acres of tabloid waffle, bear in mind that “the album is dead” and “music has lost its value”.

Nobody buys music any more. The recording industry is finished.

Except of course when an artist makes records people want. I wonder how the pundits will explain Adele?



Here’s a half hour radio programme about the music business that aired this morning on BBC Radio 4 (click on the logo).

For the past 15 years we have debated what it all meant. By 2007 it was pretty clear there was no going back, to even the most die-hard big label dinosaurs. The dust has largely settled now and some unambiguous features are emerging from a complex upheaval.

“The Pop Star and the Prophet” passes through many of the key points and is worth a listen although I’m not sure it really arrives at its destination.

Email addresses not working


A good Internet chum of mine has pointed out my site email addresses have got lost, probably when I moved the site. I must admit I didn’t test them so I’ll need to take a look at that. Apologies to anyone who has been rudely rebuffed.

And yes, it has been very quiet here lately. Blame Japanese, DIY, music and the splendid weather.

UPDATE: Email addresses now fixed.

December site move—back in January

movingSo, here I go. I’m moving the WordPress blog and all the HTML pages.

I don’t know how long it will take. I’m also tidying bits and pieces from the past 13 years and reassembling everything under one roof.

I can only say it should be back up by January 2015. See you then.

EDIT: January: everything is now moved and simplified (cheaper and faster, hoorah!) Vaultpress was handy for the transfer although WordPress itself is bafflingly shit at transferring blogs home to its own hosting platform. So I’m still using a non-Wordpress host but everything is at least under one roof (at Zen UK).