Don’t get screwed over

I saw this on Kevin McFadin‘s Twitter—if you do any kind of freelance work or deal with commissions for clients (advertising music perhaps?) you’ll know how this works.


Incidentally, listen to Kevin’s magnificent Sunrise Ocean Bender show on WRIR. It’s on the Internet—you just have to think Richmond USA timezones and then Interstellar Overdrive.

Some recent links

This is my second selection of links from the web (mostly via Twitter) to replace what I used to do on Facebook. This lot are all about some aspect of copyright and the debate still raging between people who want things to be free and people who make things in the first place.

  1. Steve Albini and Amanda Palmer: Piracy Only Helps Musicians Alan Cross blog
  2. Copyright law reform Music Law Updates
  3. The cult of free—a user’s guide John Degen
  4. RIAA not going after Limewire for more money CMU
  5. It’s not the song, Stupid, it’s the rights David Newhoff

A note about number 2: it’s a good article with many references but some of the historical practices of the record industry won’t apply today. For example, artists are no longer signed for life—although it’s undoubtedly true Major labels would still like to do it if they could get away with it.

Make me a deal, and make it straight

Here’s an interesting piece of music biz trivia.

You may know Lee & Thompson (media and entertainment lawyers) wrote much if not all the legal and contract text for the splendid Music Manager’s Forum book The Music Management Bible. Until today I didn’t know that Robert E Lee mentioned in Roxy Music’s Virginia Plain is none other than Lee & Thompson founding partner Robert Lee.

I owe this nugget of information to English singer-songwriter Andrew Shearer, a long time Internet contact. The subject came up because the MMF text appears in this Guide To Music Industry Agreements which has been revived on Twitter recently.