Music biz roundup

Here’s what I found worth reading from the first half of September (I posted the best bits of the UMG EMI deal and the Amanda Palmer volunteer musicians fracas separately).

The Internet A Decade Later from

The Internet A Decade Later infographic

The Telegraph Most illegal downloaders ‘are being tracked’

Two stories about automatic takedowns: Hypebot Musician Posts Public Domain Songs, Major Labels Claim Ownership, YouTube Attacks Musician and Wired The Algorithmic Copyright Cops: Streaming Video’s Robotic Overlords. Another one later… 5 Reasons Why Apple Wants to Move Into Pandora Territory—one of many media stories before the Apple iPhone 5 Event predicting a streaming service. There wasn’t one.

Proper Discord I took one look at this story and suddenly lost hope for Digital Music News—something I’ve talked about on this blog, pundits with thin music data, or to put it another way Seth Godin What To Obsess Over

Music Weekly Asia Interesting slice of life in the Korean music underground—15 minute video with the band Used Cassettes.

BBC Omnifone swings to profit as piracy crackdown continues—a tiny company and a tiny profit.

CMU Credit crunch caused EMI deal to go bad, says Terra Firma chief—Guy Hands talks about getting and losing EMI.

Podcast, Nancy Baym Artist-Audience Relations in the Age of Social Media—always worth listening to. What is iTunes’ U.S. Market Share? Is Google Play Disappointing?—some USA download numbers.

The New Yorker The Mogul Who Made Justin Bieber—long, strange and interesting.

PaidContent Streaming Music May Already Be Hitting A Ceiling or No Ceiling in Sight for Subscription Services—possibly one or the other.

PaidContent Music Streaming Helping, Not Hurting, Downloads—the debate continues.

Torrent Freak Warner Bros, Hotfile and EFF Fight Over Bogus Automated Takedown Requests—the increasing problem of false positives in takedown systems.

PaidContent How Ad Agencies Are A Bottleneck In The Video Economy—old thinking in a new market.