October music biz stuff (part 1)

Here’s my pick from the October music biz events and articles (part one), roughly in chronological order. There was quite a bit going on, I’ll finish it as soon as I can.

The Music Network Sony/ATV pulling its digital performance rights from ASCAP and BMI Sony has decided to negotiate its own digital rights, in effect competing with the collection societies. It’ll be interesting to see where this initiative leads.

Billboard.biz Copyright Alert System Coming Within Weeks The USA is implementing what they mistakenly call copyright alerts. The members of CCI can’t claim to represent copyright, they only represent some licensees.

IPO Minimum Standards For UK Collecting Societies (pdf) The IPO has published the standards promised in the follow-up to the Hargreaves Review. All the societies have some work to do to measure up.

Techdirt Trent Reznor Talks To Techdirt About His Unconventional New Record Deal, And Why He Still Loves DIY There was an amount of froth when one of the pioneer DIY artists signed with Sony (Columbia). Many people still misunderstand DIY—it’s not about doing everything, it’s about calling the shots. Guardian Is Trent Reznor a traitor for signing to a major label? (dreadful title).

Digital Music News ASCAP Refuses to Accept TuneSat Monitoring. What’s Up With That? The old manual process is error prone, everyone knows that. BMI have used Shazam and some UK publishers already use TuneSat. The question is why do performing rights collectors drag their feet?