7 music biz secrets you must know

Sorry to disappoint you, there aren’t any music biz secrets you must know. But have you ever wondered why so many dreadful articles have titles like this? Is there some kind of brotherhood of trite bloggers with exactly the same style?

It’s an old marketing trick would-be pundits learn from 12 Unpublished Marketing Tips Every New Entrepreneur Must Learn, or something equally banal.

The formula is this:

  1. Give a specific number so readers expect scarce nuggets but not too many to grasp.
  2. Trigger a target group “music biz”, “social media”, “housewives”, “pet owners”, etc.
  3. Tempt readers by promising “secrets”, “tricks”, “tips”, “skills”, “know-how”, etc.
  4. Shamelessly demand attention: “you must know”, “get more fans”, “be popular”, etc.

So, now you too can craft your very own me-too headline that screams naïve desperation and turns off everyone who has been online for more than a week.

An added benefit is you can put each bullet on its own page so readers have to click through generating more page views and serving more adverts. Readers really love this, it’s so annoying when you get the whole article on one simple page.

But surely, I hear you say, it can’t be that easy to be a pro pundit? Well, of course not. That’s why you need my latest book Nine Viral Blogging Techniques The Experts Won’t Tell You.

10 thoughts on “7 music biz secrets you must know

  1. This is a great observation. It’s scary how manipulative these headlines can be – they cater to all the things our mind desires for instant gratification, results and quick fix solutions. ‘The 5 Secrets to Getting a Perfect Body without Stepping Foot in a gym’. This says, oooh I don’t have to do anything, AND I can still get a perfect body.

    ‘Four Steps to achieving Instant YouTube Success that Bands Ignore’ – making it seem like the reader has got himself into a position ahead of all the others in his market is a classic hack.

    It’s quite fun coming up with these!

  2. This article has been removed for copyright reasons. It has also come to our attention that members are randomly posting this article in other sections. Any member found posting even part of The Seven Music Business Secrets, or 23 ways to fool the Illuminati into promoting your music, will have their account deleted

    • I have got to actually retired age when in theory I spend more time on my web site and blog and such like. In practice I spend more time playing music, reading and exercising (rowing and yoga) and my site is a bit neglected but that’s probably no bad thing and as you say a lot more fun. Good to hear from you, keep in touch!

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