22 thoughts on “No budget for music? No music then.

  1. I have spent thousands and thousands on support of artists cds NAPSTER concerts its fuckin time they help me on the download wink wink winks

  2. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing – Benjamin Franklin (b:17 January 1706 – d: 17 April 1790)

  3. Here is my take, minum wage was just raised. Because of a collective unified effort. So every musician agrees to not play until every bar, cafe, and venue agrees to pay. Or you can rent a venue and charge tickets and keep all the money. See if your not popular enought to draw a crowd, you lose money but if you are popular you’ll make money. Same risk as bar owners but, at least you’ll be your own boss. Most bars and venues can be rented. Take charge. Of your own careers, YouTube the crowd, and then you can have leverage for future gig where you don’t rent the bar or small venue.

    • Minimum wage was not raised nationally. Arranging to be paid for a night’s work IS taking charge of your career.

  4. Wow these are my clients. Don’t get mad, don’t go to the dark side, feel the force. Then pull there heads off!

  5. If a musician’s salary had increased at the same rate as a case of beer, think of where we would be right now!

  6. This is my new press package for the ones who pitch half price, believe me there are shitloads of the b@$tards!

  7. I know a lot of talented musicians who don’t bother to play anymore because of this kind of crap. If you can’t cover your costs and make a little profit then it’s just a hobby, like golf.

  8. I think there are secret back doors hidden in a lot of businesses that lead to this Neverland. The ghost in the machine, the battered and broken bug, the holographic shard of labour lost. Its some fundamental urge that has come upon us, I first came across it in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, prices are negotiable… as in Life of Brian

    The computer business has similar quirks (Phone Rings) Hello… I can’t get this scanner to work — Is it Faulty, does it switch on? — Yes it seems to do all that but I can’t get it to copy anything…. Basically they want you to tell them how to use it, or how to Cut Copy and Paste, or how to send an email… how do I make a file attachment, I downloaded Skype but the Camera is not working – All for Free – Its much like someone buying a guitar and phoning the Music shop the next day and asking them how do they play Smoke on the Water…. or do they happen to know the chords to the House of the Rising Sun 🙂

    • Considerable difference in complexities, but I somewhat agree. Minor advice in small quantities should be free. Anything more becomes a definable service, which has monetary value attached.

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