Here’s a half hour radio programme about the music business that aired this morning on BBC Radio 4 (click on the logo).

For the past 15 years we have debated what it all meant. By 2007 it was pretty clear there was no going back, to even the most die-hard big label dinosaurs. The dust has largely settled now and some unambiguous features are emerging from a complex upheaval.

“The Pop Star and the Prophet” passes through many of the key points and is worth a listen although I’m not sure it really arrives at its destination.

One thought on “Noise

  1. The times are indeed a-changing…. Alvin Toffler’s 1970 Future Shock touched on similar ideas, esp with regard of personal production of items, the pillar of the ‘means of production’ crumbles. Pressing plants replaced by a CD Writer, Film cameras and Photo centres replaced by the digital camera. This is but the start of the Brave New World, jobs and industries will be turned on their head. I’ve been in the game for over forty years and it looks like there are some great things to come, but with change come causalities, those that can adapt to change will fare better

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