You will not be a social media star

The Web 2.0 blinkers were firmly in place on this SXSW panel: How to Create Video Hits With Social Media.

“The rapper [eXquire], a panelist at Wednesday’s “Importance of Online Video and Social Media” discussion, transfomed himself from a security guard at a parking lot to the star of a video with 400,000-plus views … in under six months, almost entirely based on his social media prowess and tireless work ethic.”

Not the content? People spread the word and watched because of “his social media prowess”? How about the videos? I’m no rap fan but nobody ever got 400,000 views because they have great Twitter and Facebook skills.

“It’s arguably more important now to have a social media schedule than to have a touring schedule,” said Biery [Tom Biery, Collective Sounds], emphasizing how YouTube starlets Megan and Liz built a career based on songs created in their bedrooms using social media and near-constant fan engagement.

The old bedroom myth again. More important to use social media than tour? Ridiculous.

And Mills [Matthew Mills, executive producer/director, SpaceStation] agreed, saying that having a consistent YouTube presence helps build crowds while touring — and that the analytics from YouTube, Facebook, and sales can help artists target regions for touring and building audiences.

That’s more like it. Video is important online and social media is useful but without great content and an audience the chances of remaining invisible are extremely good. Nobody ever built a music career based on social media skills.

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